Writer’s Residency

From the 5th – 15th of September 2017, Studio Magazine presented a writers’ residency based in Burlington, Ontario. The residency was part of the Canadian Craft Biennale and offered six writers in the early stages of their careers the chance to explore and develop their interests in craft and design. The intention was that residents could advance their critical writing skills whilst having the time to look deeply and closely at Canadian Craft in its current manifestations.

The residency had elements of formalized discussion, with leadership from established members of the craft field, as well as a less structured and self-motivated learning environment in which residents were free to work independently and collaboratively on new or existing projects.

We present here writing from five of the six residents. In two instances the residents continued work developed with other collaborators, but in all we see the great potential of informed, passionate engagement with craft and design. We are very grateful to the Canada Council’s Jean Chalmers Fund for the Crafts for making this presentation of our residents’ work possible.