Studio welcomes article pitches from new and experienced writers. Our interests are varied but we like to ensure that there is a Canadian connection (of some sort) and, though disciplinary delineations are constantly evolving, that the subject matter pertains to craft and/or design. Please use previous issues of the magazine or the website to gauge length, style and potential subject but please also think tangentially – we encourage creativity.

Contributor Guidelines

Studio Magazine is a national publication committed to being the leading Canadian resource for the discourse around making and design. Providing accessible content, writing and conversations around craft and design, Studio is committed to supporting and mentoring the next generation of craft writers.

The guidelines for pitching to print and digital, as well as a fee scale—based on 20-cents-a-word for digital, and 30-cents-a-word for print. Please adhere closely to our editorial submission guidelines. Include the intended length of your story in your pitch.

All pitches should be sent to, with a clear indication whether the pitch is for print or digital. All pitches are reviewed by our editorial team, with only those that are accepted for publication will be contacted by email. Please note that Studio Magazine does not publish academic writing, so please have accessible language.


800-word reviews pay $240.

Front-of-book text “Atelier,” a 100-200 word international connection to craft and design, pays $150.

Mini essays, about an interesting or unexplored aspect of Craft and Design, pays $150.

Two-page essays or features from 1,000 to 1,200 words pay $360; Four-page essays or features from 2,000 to 2,500 words pay $400.

Payment is delivered at time of publication.

We encourage you to pitch ideas for one of our following issues:

FALL/WINTER 2019-20Colour: what are the relationships between colour and craft & design?

SPRING/SUMMER 2020Land: How does land – both physical/geographic and conceptual/cultural – feature in /define craft & design?

FALL/WINTER 2020-21Accessibility – in what ways are craft & design supplementing/revolutionizing/representing/failing the world for diverse bodies?

SPRING/SUMMER 2021New Technologies – what are/can/should/shouldn’t craft & design embrace?

Have an original idea for a story? Send us a pitch with your ideas and an approximate word count and timeline at


  1. Read Studio Magazine and website regularly to familiarize yourself with our tone and style.
  2. We publish accessible prose, not academic writing. We are interested in original ideas, unique voices and perspectives, little-known histories, and anything that challenges the status quo of craft and design and the ideas around making.
  3. Pitching a review? Consider an unconventional and unique approach to the subject, from interdisciplinary media to a new critical lens. We are looking for reviews that are exciting and stimulating to readers who have not seen the show. We are interested in both short and long reviews, but will consider a long review pitch only if it contains unique, provocative, and coherent ideas.
  4. Refine your pitch: you are pitching us an article for a readership interested in craft and design, not a doctoral thesis or a book. It is not enough to simply say you’re interested in the show. Tell us why.
  5. If you have not written for Studio before, attach one or two relevant excerpts of your writing, or links.
  6. Tell us how long it will take you to write your proposed article, and let us know if you are pitching your idea to other publications.
  7. Keep it short: limit the length of your pitch from anywhere between five sentences to a single page of text.
  8. We do not typically accept pieces that have already been written.
  9. We do not typically accept pitches from curators wanting to write on exhibitions that they are organizing or that are hosted at their place of employment, or on makers with whom they are professionally affiliated. If you want to let us know about an upcoming project or maker, we would love to hear from you, and if interested will work with you, or assign a writer to cover your project.

Thank you for your time,

The Studio Magazine editorial team

We apologize in advance, but due to the scale of our correspondence it can take some time for us to respond.