Studio Magazine offers Canadian perspectives on Craft and Design within the global material culture. Published twice a year with an ongoing web presence, Studio is the Canadian arena for discussing the complex discourses around making.

Drawing from our deep craft roots, Studio strives to articulate historical and theoretical contexts for Craft and Design in the twenty-first century. Beginning with questions of handmade artisanship and material-specific heritage, Studio also looks beyond to what ‘craft’ and ‘design’ mean for the makers and users of objects in an increasingly complicated world.

Our concerns run the gamut from the collective relevance of makers in a community of billions to the personal rewards of creative individuality: from one maker in one studio to everyone everywhere.

We strive to encourage and develop the best critical writing and thinking on craft and design, remembering that jargon obscures accessible criticality and utility. Studio advances enlightening discourses on craft and design in the global environment.

Studio began in 1976 as Craftsman, an Ontario Crafts Council publication serving as a newsletter and as a platform for reviews. In 1981 the publication was developed into Ontario Craft, creating critical discourse within Ontario’s craft world. In 2006 the magazine was rebranded Studio leading to the re-launch in 2009 as a national magazine. Studio expanded its content and distribution and became Canada’s national craft and design magazine.

Studio is published in Toronto by Craft Ontario but is produced by an amalgamation of engagement from across the country with support from stakeholders outside Canada. Our Regional and National Editorial committees comprise representatives from the provinces and territories organised by an Executive Editorial Committee. We put continual energy into developing our relationships with all of Canada’s regions and communities as well as with like-minded organisations around the world. At the core of Studio is regional awareness in a global context.

Janna Hiemstra (Craft Ontario)

Editor in Chief:
Leopold Kowolik


Gord Thompson

Managing Editor:
Lera Kotsyuba


Art Director :
Dale Barrett

Regional Editorial Committee:

Nicole Bauberger
Mary-Beth Laviolette
Michelle Martin
Brigitte Clavette

National Editorial Committee:

Sandra Alfoldy
Melanie Egan
Charles Lewton-Brain
Michael Prokopow
Tiana Roebuck
Arno Verhoeven