Digital Citizens Change Making


Etsy has been referred to as a “disruptive” company because the people-powered model disrupts the traditional retail industry by supporting the growing independent workforce. Some critics believe that Etsy’s policies on what can be sold on the site also threaten to disrupt the tradition and value of craft. Yet, the growth of the platform can be largely attributed to its self-organizing community. The evolution of the site and its policies have been driven by its members. It may not be the romantic ideal of an artist’s pursuit, but most makers spend more than half of their time marketing their work to potential customers, improving on production efficiencies, and making decisions about how to run their business. Being online is considered a no-brainer by many. Makers have independence and flexibility that doesn’t exist through traditional methods of selling their work (through galleries, retail, or even events which can be exclusive, costly, and geographically impractical).

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