Pamela Ritchie – 2017 Saidye Bronfman Award Laureate


Pamela Ritchie

Pamela Ritchie. Cancelled Icons – Nederland (1985). Brooch: sterling silver, mirror, Plexiglas, postage stamps, wood, paint. 4.5 x 8 cm


Curiosity has fuelled jewellery artist Pamela Ritchie for over 35 years. A lifetime of asking questions, seeking answers, and thirsting for creative expression are key components that have driven her work.  An explorer of the intangible, Ritchie creates physical embodiments of the incorporeal: themes of time, memory, ceremony, and mythology have inspired her in-depth conceptual work, peeling back the surface of our comprehension of these broad topics to touch the human experience of them. As all artists do, Ritchie makes the unreal real, bringing her personal passions and visions to life. However, there is something more that flows through the veins of her metallurgy – a je ne sais quoi that streams through her entire body of work, a Ritchness.

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Pamela Ritchie

Pamela Ritchie. Alien Landscapes II (2016). Brooch: wood, polymer, Parawire, paint, sterling silver. 9 x 12 cm